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Print from a Smart Printer — University of Leicester
Print from a University PC. When you send a document to print, it will be queued rather than print immediately. When you are ready you can login to the Smart Printer to release the document. Find a Smart Printer...
Find a Smart Printer — University of Leicester
Find a Smart Printer. How to find a Smart Printer on campus. At the moment students can only print to student Smart Printers. Staff can print to both staff and student Smart Printers and do not pay for printing. Some printers may be found in secure areas, which you may or may not have access to. This depends on your access...
Materials Printing Oxford Materials
Materials Printing. The Department of Materials operates a fleet of around 70 networked printers - a mixture of personal printers, research group shared printers plus some larger departmental printers. In addition there are colour photocopiers available in each building which are also listed as network printers and are...
Bristol University | IT Services | How do I connect to a printer?
Windows PCs. Managed Windows PCs should automatically connect you to the correct printers. Please contact the Service Desk if this is not happening as we may need to adjust your access. Include the location of the printer and its model.
Home & Office Printers | Amazon.com | Office Electronics - Printers
Shop for inkjet, laser, wireless, all-in-one, and more best-selling printers on Amazon.com for the home, office, or business.
Computing, printing & copying - Clare College Cambridge
The computers are managed by the University Computing Service. There is UniOfCam and Eduroam WiFi throughout the library for using laptops. There are two computer rooms in the library, one upstairs (UCR) with colour printing and a scanner and one downstairs (DCR) with a black and white printer and a scanner.
Printing and photocopying | Bournemouth University
Before you print. Check you have enough credit on your print account. On the PC. In your document, select Print; Choose a print queue; Secure Mono for black and white at 3p per page; Secure Colour for colour at 18p per page; Your printing will remain in the print queue for up to 24 hours before being deleted. At the printer.
Printing - University of Surrey
There are Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) for printing from the student computers located in the Library, School of Management, Austin Pearce, Learning Centre and Duke of Kent building. The SurreyPrint service holds your print job in one central print queue. This enables you to securely retrieve your print job from any of the...
Printers | Olivetti SPA
Printers. Laser or digital, colour or black/white: a variety of technologies and a broad range of models to cover all requirements and guarantee consistently excellent print quality and low running costs.
Medical Printers : United Kingdom : Sony Professional - Sony UK
Sony medical printers allow surgeons, OR staff and consultants to create a finely- detailed, long lasting record of images captured with a wide range of medical modalities, including ultrasound systems and endoscopic camera systems. Advanced Sony printing technology produces rapid delivery of high quality prints in black...

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